Product Activation and Account


Read Mode

Product activation and account

Basically, there are two types of login in the application:

You can activate additional functions by clicking the „Login“ button in the header at the top right of the library.

Product activation

There are two ways to activate a product. Either via the activation button in the library or via the corresponding tab in the header.

Then a window opens and you can enter the activation data you received from your publisher. This will give you access to your publications.

Activation Library

Account (additional functions)

If you want to work with additional functions like annotations and bookmarks, it is necessary to log in with an account, or to register if no account exists yet.


Logging in, or registering, is also possible via a social media account (Facebook, Google, Twitter or Office 365).


When you register, you will receive an email containing a confirmation link. Follow the link to complete the registration. Important: You must sign in on the device you used to register.

By signing in, your annotations and bookmarks are stored centrally and are then available across platforms on all devices you work on.

Your annotations and bookmarks are also included in updated states of a publication if the corresponding text passages still exist in the current state. For example, for loose-leaf works or new editions of books.


All available publications are listed in the library. This also includes – if available – freely accessible publications and reading samples. A click on the cover opens the current version.


If several versions of a publication exist - for example, exchanges of a loose-leaf work or issues of a journal - you can display the available versions by clicking the info button (i) in the lower part of the cover.

The same button in the cover of each version in turn opens the info area of the selected version. The following functions are available there:



Favorites can be created by either clicking on the star symbol in the library and thus marking the current version as a favorite or by selecting one of the older versions in the info area of the publication. A half-filled star icon means that not all versions of a publication have been marked as favorites.


Read Mode

There are numerous functions available in the read mode. The read mode can be divided into four areas:

Via the header you have, among other things, the possibility to directly access your favorites. In addition, you can set there that the header and footer bars are automatically hidden and the menu texts of the menu are displayed.

Annotationen und Lesezeichen

To use annotations and bookmarks, you need to log in with your account beforehand, as this information needs to be linked to your account.

The menu bar (right) takes you to the menu items „Annotations“ and „Text selection“, among others.

In the „Annotations” section you can manage all the annotations you have already created. You can edit, share, or delete your annotations.

The „Text selection“ function allows you to color-code texts and sections in the publication and add attachments.


Bookmarks are added by selecting the bookmark icon in the upper left corner in the page view area and clicking „Save“. Before saving, you still have the option to add a note. The bookmark can of course be edited afterwards or removed completely.